DUDE Wipes Super Bowl Takeover

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Mar 26, 2024
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What do T-swift, Tacos and DUDE Wipes have in common?

Everything, when it comes to breaking through in Vegas the week leading up to the Big Game.

Working with our partners at Clear Channel, we were able to take over the Resort World Hotel with a series of huge-ass, OOH digital billboard executions touting DUDE Wipes’ superiority over toilet paper that could be seen from the Strip to the Boulevard to the Convention Center.

Are you ready for Super Bowel Monday?

In less than 72 hours we concepted and delivered a buttload of cheeky animated billboards touting DUDE Wipes as the best choice for your day-after Super Bowl cleanup needs, pants down.

With rotating messaging surrounding the hotel, we were able to blitz the Taco Bell’s Live Más event on Friday, which includes messages like: “TP is nacho best choice. Taco 'bout clean.”, “When the spicy tacos hit. Wipe Más!”. And then quickly switch it out with billboards nodding to football’s newest fanbase, with sentiments like "You have never, ever, ever, cleaned your backside better.”, “Dry wiping is a cruel bummer. Long story short, wet beats dry.’, and  “We love a clean tight end too.”

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Mar 26, 2024
Client :
Dude Wipes
Agency :
Creative Director :
Matt Cragnolin
Creative Director :
Pam Fraser
Director - Direct Partnerships :
Tricia Wolfer
Senior Production Designer :
Mike White
Senior Copywriter :
Emily Aberg
Senior Art Director :
Clive Neish
Designer :
Sukhi Kanniks
Director - Visual Engineering :
Wally German
Senior Media Manager :
Julia McCray
Director - Client Partnership :
Kelly Kinane
Supervisor - Client Partnership :
Leah Zimmer
Senior Project Manager :
Mandy Russell
Associate Project Manager :
Maya Stoffer

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