Dunkaroos enters the metaverse with virtual fashion

The General Mills brand brings '90s nostalgia to the digital world

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Sep 29, 2021

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As much as we’re all trying to forget summer 2020 (and maybe 2021, too), the return of Dunkaroos this past summer was unforgettable. The ‘90s snack, which includes both cookies and a frosting dip in each pack, made its triumphant comeback with a kaleidoscopic campaign of nostalgia for the age of dial-up, AIM, Tamagotchi and T9 texting.

Now, the General Mills brand is bringing the ‘90s to the metaverse with virtual fashion straight from the set of “Saved by the Bell.” 

Designed by visual media firm H+ Creative and artist Skeeva, the outfit features a bright yellow Dunkaroos shirt with an image of the snack’s kangaroo mascot, a baby blue and purple zip-up hoodie and purple joggers with matching socks and sneakers. The pants and purple panels of the hoodie feature a retro squiggle pattern. The virtual clothes are rendered with a variety of textures. The hoodie’s waffle-patterned body and glossy shoulders are finely detailed. Even the pants billow and fold around the ankles, characteristic of the era’s trend for loose-fitting clothes.

The digital outfit is available for purchase on the Dunkaroos shop in extremely limited supply. Those who manage to snag one need to submit posed photos. Virtual tailors will dress the submitted photos in the set, which can then be shared, printed, posted or whatever one would like to do with it.

For those who aren’t selected for the virtual ‘fit, a small line of physical apparel is available from the Dunkaroos shop as well. The merch features a round, Dunkaroos-shaped fanny pack, a flat bill hat decorated with an icing and sprinkles pattern and a blue, white and purple color-blocked t-shirt.



Fanny pack