Emojis Come to Life, Literally, in Festive McDonald's Ad

Customers Invited to 'Come As You Are'

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Aug 12, 2015

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It seems fast food and fast feelings are made for each other. Emojis won Dominos Pizza a Cannes Grand Prix, and here they are working forMcDonald's -- again. The brand previously used them on billboards in campaigns by Leo Burnett, and has now progressed to animated emojis for TV, courtesy of BETC Paris.

A new film, directed by We Are From L.A., the duo behind Pharrell Williams' "Happy" video -- who also worked with BETC Paris on Air France and Evian -- is set in a sunny world, where everyone has a great big yellow emoji instead of a head.

The spot uses McDonald's established line, "Venez comme vous êtes" ("Come as you are"), and follows the progress of a regular emoji-headed guy on his way to McDonald's. En route we see a gang of emojis wearing sunglasses in an open top car, mother-and-baby emojis, a barber, a construction worker, and a busker, all wearing simliar gigantic spherical noggins and beaming familiar digital expressions.

When we get to McDonald's, a broader range of mugs appear, on two selfie-shooting women, a kid who begins as a devil character as he steals fries, and later morphs into an angel to put his victims off the scent. Two straining red-heads arm wrestle one another, and a snoozing woman, depicted as a zzz face, wakes up and spills her coffee.

The crazy world is set to the soundtrack of the Buggles' 1980 hit, "Video Killed the Radio Star," remixed by Green United Music in Paris.

Given emojis' ubiquity in advertising these days, it was only a matter of time before we saw them anthropomorphized. In fact, Bud Light pulled a similar move recently to "celebrate" its Straw-Ber-Ita.


Aug 12, 2015
Brand :
Client :
Agency :
Director :
We Are From L.A.
Executive Creative Director :
Rmi Babinet
Creative Director :
Damien Bellon
Art Director :
Juri Zach
Assistant Art Director :
Albert Yvert
Copywriter :
David Aronson
Copywriter :
Samuel Moore
Agency Producer :
Fabrice Brovelli
Agency Producer :
Thibault Blacque-Belair
Agency Production Manager :
Henri Tripard
Agency Production Manager :
Julien Grimaldi
Agency Production Manager :
Juliette Aguglion
Brand Manager :
Xavier Royaux
Brand Manager :
Nathalie Legarlantezec
Director :
We Are From LA
Production Company :
Post Production :
Sound Director :
Green United Music

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