Grab the Tissues as an Old Man Learns English in This Lovely Holiday Spot From Poland

Spot by Auction Site Allegro Is Both Funny and Moving

Published On
Nov 29, 2016

Editor's Pick

A elderly man orders a book called "English for Beginners" in a holiday ad for Polish auction site Allegro (the country's answer to eBay and Amazon) -- and the ensuing film is so good it managed to have Creativity both laughing out loud and moved to tears.

The beautifully filmed ad, created by Warsaw agency Bardzo and directed by Social Club's Jesper Ericstam, takes us through the man's determined journey to learning English -- placing notes all over household objects (including the dog), saying "I love you" out loud on the bus as he listens to language tapes, and, in a hilarious moment, watching a violent movie and picking up some extra English words. We're not sure what his objective is until the end of the spot, when his next package arrives from Allegro -- a suitcase -- and he travels to England. But who is he planning to visit? Keep watching to find out.