Eos designs locks for women’s body lotion after guys go nuts for it on TikTok

The packaging innovation, now in development, is designed to protect ladies’ stash of Vanilla Cashmere lotion

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Dec 19, 2023
Product shot of the eos Lotion Lock bottle

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From “Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger” to McDonald’s “Steal My Fries,” people stealing other people’s stuff is a time-honored way to deliver a product quality message. Now, eos takes it a step further with a packaging innovation designed to prevent men from pilfering women’s body lotion.

The idea, from agency Mischief, came from social listening on TikTok—in particular, a post in which @kevin.preston.white raved about eos’ Vanilla Cashmere lotion.

White’s video has been viewed 2.4 million times and led other guys to try the product—and ladies to fret that their stash will be raided by their male partners and friends.

@kevin.preston.white #stitch with @maiphammy ♬ original sound - Kevin White ✨

So, Mischief dreamed up the Lotion Lock, a three-ring locking mechanism designed to protect Vanilla Cashmere bottles from thieving hands. Right now, the Lotion Lock is just a prototype. Fans of the idea can leave their name and email address at eoslotionlock.com to get future updates, as well as a free regular unlocked bottle of Vanilla Cashmere lotion in the meantime.

Closeup of eos' Lotion Lock mechanism

The Lotion Lock campaign rolled out on Monday and includes paid social and creator partnerships, including @kevin.preston.white and @jessyk078.

The campaign is reminiscent of eos’ previous “Bless Your F*ing Cooch” idea, which also involved TikTok listening that led to packaging changes.

“We love that the eos community is forever taking this brand to unexpected places,” said Carley Caldas, VP of brand marketing and media at eos. “Our strategy has always been to listen to our fans and react accordingly and with lightning speed—so we are part of the conversation in a way that provides authentic value. There’s so much joy and surprise in this approach, because you never know where people are going to take the brand next.”

Closeup of eos' Lotion Lock mechanism

“We knew we had to act fast, so we rapidly designed locking mechanisms on the eos Body Lotion bottle. The winner, as you can see, is the one with all the emojis,” said Hunter Fine, creative director at Mischief. “Of all the ways to stop men from stealing their lady’s lotion, we thought the simplest deterrent was just adding a little bit of effort to make it not worth it.”

Full eos Lotion Lock bottle


Dec 19, 2023
Client :
Agency :
Chief Marketing Officer :
Soyoung Kang
VP Brand Marketing and Media :
Carley Caldas
Senior Brand Manager Content & Social :
Kirby Reynolds
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Laura Bierbaum
Co-Founder & CEO :
Greg Hahn
Partner & Executive Creative Director :
Bianca Guimaraes
Partner & Executive Creative Director :
Kevin Mulroy
Creative Director :
Hunter Fine
Art Director :
Marcus Lim
EVP Production :
Will Dempster
Producer :
Danielle Balanov
Business Manager :
Elly Lupi
President & Partner :
Kerry McKibbin
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Kelsey Brown
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Jeff McCrory
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Hannah Newport
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Oliver McAteer
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Luis Ribeiro
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Marco Wey
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Marco Wey
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Marccos Chaves
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Marco Tavares
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Isabela Balbo
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Fábio Augusto
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Letícia Blanco
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PB Music Design

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