Everyday actions become 'technically illegal' when on parole in first brand campaign for the Reform Alliance

Droga5 continues its work for the organization founded by Meek Mill and Jay-Z

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Apr 27, 2021

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“For my friends, everything. For my enemies, the law,” so the saying goes. The unequal application of the law has long led, ironically, to injustice. Without context or exception, laws become rigid cages that trap anyone unlucky enough to get caught.

That all goes doubly for people on parole. After release from prison, parole is supposed to be a probationary period when people prove that they have reformed. Instead, the strict, unyielding rules placed upon their movements, activities and friendships can turn it into another kind of jailtime.

A new spot from Droga5 for the Reform Alliance showcases the ordinary, everyday events that become illegal—technically—while on probation. Showing up late to an appointment is a violation. Crossing state lines for any reason—even to see a dying loved one—is a violation.

Directed by Malik Hassan Sayeed via Little Minx, the spot is the organization’s first brand campaign. It also includes an Instagram filter that presents the tough choices people on parole face when trying to adhere to the letter of the law.

The Reform Alliance was founded by Meek Mill, Jay-Z, Michael Rubin and others. Previous work from Droga5 used real phone calls from inmates worried about exposure to the coronavirus while behind bars.


Apr 27, 2021
Client :
Reform Alliance
Agency :
Co-Chief Creative Officer :
Tim Gordon
Co-Chief Creative Officer :
Felix Richter
Creative Director :
Alyssa Georg
Creative Director :
Elena Knox
Associate Creative Director :
Michael Kleinman
Senior Copywriter :
Clement Tull
Senior Art Director :
Kamal Collins
Copywriter :
Sara Muchnick
Copywriter :
Emily Chang
Art Director :
Stefan Folio
Group Design Director :
Mark Yoon
Designer :
Olivia Piazza
Motion Designer :
Jung Eun Han
Group UX Director :
Craig Wong
Director Film Production :
Jesse Brihn
Senior Producer Film :
Samar Zaman
Senior Producer Film :
Isabella Lebovitz
Senior Music Supervisor :
Mike Ladman
Music Supervisor :
Sarah Tembeckjian
Director of Innovation :
Justin Durazzo
Associate Producer Interactive :
Lauren Williams
Producer Interactive :
Aaron Matys
Group Strategy Director :
Ben Brown
Strategy Director :
Rik Mistry
Strategy Director :
Gabriela Avila
Strategist :
Mykala Daniel
Group Communications Strategy Director :
Samantha Deevy
Senior Communications Strategist :
Paulina Liang
Communications Strategist :
Molly Klein
Group Account Director :
Sharif El Rabiey
Account Director :
Ashton Atlas
Associate Account Manager :
My-Linh Tran
Group Project Manager :
Audrey Weber
Senior Project Manager :
Douglas Brewster
Project Manager :
Damaris Giha
Robert Rooks
Co-Chair, REFORM Action Fund :
Van Jones
President :
Bob Pilon
Senior Director Creative Campaigns :
Meagan Bond
Production Company :
Little Minx
Director :
Malik Hassan Sayeed
Executive Producer :
Rhea Scott
Executive Producer :
Helen Hollien
Producer :
Erin Wile
Editorial :
Rock Paper Scissors
Managing Director :
Eve Kornblum
Editor :
Carlos Arias
Assistant Editor :
Ashley Tantillo
Producer :
Shayna Rubin
Editorial :
Rock Paper Scissors
Managing Director :
Eve Kornblum
Editor :
Carlos Arias
Assistant Editor :
Ashley Tantillo
Producer :
Shayna Rubin
Post Production :
Rock Paper Scissors
VFX Producer :
Barbara Kontarovich
VFX Artist :
Edward Reina
Animator :
Val Balayants
Color :
Colorist :
Tom Poole
Music Label :
Music Label :
Artist :
Jacob Banks
Writer :
Jacob Banks
Writer :
Spencer Steward
Song :
The Devil that I know - UK Demo
Sound :
Sound :
Matt Orlando
Interactive Production Company :
Second Child
AR Developer :
Dennis Roberts
Photographer :
Erick Schaetzke

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