Fanta champions 'idiot' influencers behind internet stunts

Campaign from 72andSunny celebrates the real people behind some of the web's most hilariously dumb videos

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Mar 06, 2020

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Influencers who perform ridiculous stunts for internet fame may endure a lot of abuse, but Fanta champions these people as if it were Nike celebrating the dedication of top athletes.

The playful European campaign by 72andSunny Amsterdam, titled "In the name of play," sets out to celebrate the real people behind "some of the most hilariously dumb videos on the internet." They include a man who does giraffe gymnastics, a girl who specializes in snow swimming and a guy whose set-piece is wheelbarrow tricks in a skate park. There's also a man who videos himself sliding along an icy road with a cup of coffee, and a girl who dances in big pants.

A 90-second anthem film, directed by Biscuit's Jeff Low, dramatically showcases the hard work behind each so-called "idiot" and their real-life internet clip. Styled like a sports ad, with footage of them "training" for their stunts and speaking about the hard work, pain and injury that goes into their chosen stunt, and set to cinematic soundtrack music, the montage builds up to an ending where we see their real-life (silly) internet video footage. The campaign also includes a 60-second TV spot and several 15- second clips focusing on the individual influencers.

The campaign also includes OOH executions featuring the different "champions"  while a local element will let individual markets feature their own hometown play champions in a weekly online highlight show of the best internet clips.   

“It’s been great working with a brand willing to rethink what their ‘purpose’ can and should be,” said 72andSunny Amsterdam Creative Directors Chris Colliton and Kevin Weir in a statement. “No one ever talks about idiots in a positive light. But after watching hundreds of hilarious videos from all over the world, it’s safe to say that some idiots are truly amazing."

The campaign is running in Spain, Portugal and Norway with other markets to follow including  Germany, Ireland, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark.