Air New Zealand Got Super Surreal in Its Safety Video Starring Katie Holmes and Cuba Gooding Jr.

Airline Combines Safety Tips and Travel Promotion in Beautiful, Bizarre Film

Published On
Jul 12, 2017

Editor's Pick

Air New Zealand has ruled the flight safety video game for years, with films starring Hobbits, Richard Simmons, the All Blacks and famous seniors. But the airline just debuted its most surreal creation to date, starring Hollywood stars Katie Holmes and Cuba Gooding Jr.

The celebrities open the film playing a pair of gods trying to name the earth's various land masses -- from Cuba to Samoa. But when they happen upon "the most beautiful place" on the planet, they decide to take a closer look. That opens the door to a fantastical journey through New Zealand that weaves the typical fight safety tips into bizarre, visually stunning scenes.

As belts buckle, oxygen masks fall and lights illuminate, we see quizzical images of boats drifting through the sky, massive flowers blooming under water, tiny skiers making their way across an enormous pavlova, a lighthouse taking off like a rocket. Unlike most flight safety instructionals, it's stuff that'll keep your eyes glued to the screen. New Zealand artist Gin Wigmore's cover of "My Little Corner of the World," is the sweet tune that ties it all together.

Creative agency True and postproduction company Assembly were behind production of the spot.