These Clever Venn Diagrams Illustrate the Reality of Home Search for StreetEasy

Property Search Site Evolves Its Witty Campaign by Office of Baby

Published On
Feb 22, 2018

Editor's Pick

StreetEasy is continuing its witty campaign showing the reality of New York real estate searches with a series of new ads that center around Venn diagrams.

The ads, once again by Office of Baby, illustrate the thought process New Yorkers go through to find their ideal location: for example, there's a prewar building divided into two: with "I love prewar buildings" in one section and "But not prewar elevators" in the other. Another ad shows two overlapping shaded areas on a map: one is "Walking distance to work" and the other is "Far enough from my co-workers."

The year-long campaign will be featured in subway stations and train cars, and on sidewalk kiosks, buses and taxi tops throughout NYC.

Susan Daimler, general manager of StreetEasy, says in a statement: "This year's campaign goes a step further than what we've done in the past, evolving through the neighborhoods, blocks and buildings that make the city unique, and highlights the often-humorous considerations that characterize a NYC home search."

Meanwhile Paul Caiozzo, Office of Baby founder and chief creative officer, adds: "The illustrations had to be extremely accurate--we're talking about real NYC places that New Yorkers know down to the blocks."