Floating balloons show just how light Allbirds sneakers are

Uncommon created the work for the New Zealand d-to-c brand

Published On
Nov 24, 2020

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A fun new product demo film by Allbirds, the direct-to-consumer footwear brand, is designed to show exactly how light its Wool Runners sneakers are. 

Created by Uncommon Creative Studio, which has been appointed to work with Allbirds on a project basis, the film shows a pair of Allbirds seemingly floating in mid-air on a black space-like background, set to a heavy drum beat. The camera slowly pulls back to reveal an installation in a barn, on a platform connected to four cords tied to balloons being held aloft by some leaf blowers. A sheep runs by (in a nod to the San Francisco-based brand's New Zealand origins) and pops the balloons, and the shoes fall into their packaging.

The work was directed by Chris Cairns through Partizan and was shot in camera, without tricks or gimmicks—the production process involved building the custom-designed installation to make the shoes float for real.

The final caption is "Give Light. Tread Lighter" highlighting the brand's low carbon footprint as well as its physical lightness. “This campaign was about the challenge of showing how light our shoes weigh, while balancing being light on the planet,” said Alex Valdman, head of creative at Allbirds, in a statement.

The campaign is running across global markets including the U.S., U.K., Korea, Germany and France, on TV, online and social platforms across the holiday season.