Apple's groovy iPhone spot shows how you can now pay with a glance

The Daniels direct spot set to Vulfpeck track 'Back Pocket'

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Mar 22, 2018

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Having shown us that you can now unlock your iPhone with a glance, Apple now goes to demonstrate that you can pay with just a quick look too, in a groovy new spot set in a market.

"Fly Market" revolves around a young man who transforms himself from nondescript to dapper with a whole new outfit, accessories, shades, bling and all, simply by glancing at the items in the market. Perhaps to show us he's not just self-obsessed, he even magicks up a new armchair for his mom (althogether now, aww).

Directed by Pretty Bird duo The Daniels (the duo behind Nike's awesome Olympic opening ceremony ad in 2016), it's set to "Back Pocket" by Vulfpeck.