Trident Launches Clothing Line That 'Disables' Your Technology

Party New York Creates 'Life Gear Collection' to Help You Focus

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May 05, 2014
Focus Life Gear Collection

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Here's an unusual way to promote gum: a clothing line. Mondelez International wanted to make the point that its Trident chewing gum can keep you focused on the important things in life. One thing that distracts people from doing so is technology, so the brand tapped Party New York to create something that will help keep folks' social media and tech addiction in check: a clothing collection that shields radio frequencies. The result? When devices are stashed into shirt, pants and accessory pockets, their ringing and pinging are disabled so that wearers can focus on real life around them.

The agency created the line and exhibited the pieces at a show in Toronto. There's also an accompanying website, which features a video of the fashions and includes a "social media addict" evaluator, so you can determine if you're living too much of your life online.