Hate Instructions? You'll Appreciate This Charming Sony Spot

Vignettes of Failed Projects Highlight Simplicity of Sony's Soundbar

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Sep 21, 2015

Editor's Pick

This charming spot from Sony will appeal to anyone who hates, or is indeed bad at, following instructions.

We see a series of vignettes of failed projects, ranging from the minor -- a badly opened milk carton, to the major -- a garden sprinkler that's pointing straight through an open window into the house, as well as the blink-and-you'll miss them -- a ceiling lamp that's hanging so low that no-one can see each other at the dinner table.

The point of the ad is that Sony's new Soundbar is so easy to install that you won't need instructions. (So perhaps it could also serve as a cautionary tale for Ikea.)

Luciano Podcaminsky directed the spot through Landia L.A., for Santo.