Donate Food By 'Transferring' it From One Poster to Another

UN World Food Programme's 'Food Link' uses NFC tech

Published On
Jun 12, 2013

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Here's an easy way to donate to a cause: Just swipe your fingers. Grabarz & Partner team up with the United Nations' World Food Programme for "Food Link," which lets users "transfer food" (and money) from one poster, to another.

The idea was inspired by the fact that posters and ads are often randomly positioned next to each other, leading to awkward placements where a starving child is shown next to an ad for a restaurant, for example. It uses near-field communication technology -- already available on cellphones -- that lets people at a bus shelter "transfer food" from an ad for a deli company to a poster of a starving child. Grab a tomato, and transfer it, and you will automatically donate the cost of that food to the cause. 

After donating, the users receive a video clip featuring the child saying thank you, and a virtual card confirming the donation.