Foca Beer Registers Soccer as a Religion So People Can Leave Work to Observe Their 'Beliefs'

Grey Puts Brazil's 'Freedom of Religion' Statute to Good Use

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May 20, 2014

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Watching soccer (or any other sport) at work can be tough, necessitating you to be on the lookout for your boss, or having to come up with excuses to leave the office to catch a game. Foca Beer and Grey Brazil come up with an ingenious way to get around the problem. The brand tapped a lawyer to explain, as seen in this video, that Brazil has a Freedom of Religion Law, which lets you get out of work or other commitments to observe your beliefs. It turned football into a "religious cult," and received a legal notice that turns fans into followers, stadiums into temples and Foca into the religion's "holy water."

Fans log onto a site, enter in which games they need to watch or attend, and the program sends a note to their boss, informing them that the employee needs to take time off to pay his respects and "pray."


May 20, 2014
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Foca Beer
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Foca Beer
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