Coca-Cola : Freestyle Machine (2)

More kinds of Coke than you can imagine.

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May 13, 2010

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Since last year, Coca-Cola has started to roll out its new Freestyle machine, which dispenses more than 100 varieties of the brand's different beverages. The machine allows users to customize their drinks, adding flavors to create their own concoctions like, for example, Peach Sprite or Cherry Vanilla Coke.

SapientNitro created the user interface that helps beverage consumers easily navigate the base drinks and flavor add-ons. The interface also acts as a wireless platform that sends information back to headquarters about what's being consumed and where, in order to help the brand gather info about what would improve customer experience in the future.

The machine design itself is the brainchild of Segway-mastermind Dean Kamen, who helped to develop the jet functionality, and Italian car design firm Pininfarina S.p.A. Known best for its work on Ferrari, the company created the curvaceous exterior of the Freestyle machine.