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Feb 25, 2016


The Friends Photo Tool is a new photo-sharing product from Facebook that lets anyone customize their photos with text or emoji and share them with their friends.

The tool launched in the United Kingdom and spread virally around the world. People from 124 countries used the tool to share what makes their friendships unique and the best images were then dynamically fed to more than 1,000 digital billboards across the UK. As people shared more photos, the screens were refreshed with new content showing a real-time pulse of friendship.

The Friends Photo Tool gave everyone a fun way to share their friendships and, with the help of digital OOH, celebrate them with the world.


Feb 25, 2016
Agency :
The Factory at Facebook
Vice President/Executive Creative Director :
Scott Trattner
Marketing Communications Director :
Jennifer Henry
Creative Director :
Larry Corwin
Art Director :
Demian Oliveira
Writer :
Jan Jaworski
Brand :
Client :
Vice President, Consumer and Brand Marketing :
Rebecca Van Dyck
Head of Consumer Brand Marketing Strategy :
Sheila Thompson
Brand Strategist :
Rachel Coady
Brand Marketing Manager :
Sarah Russell
Brand Marketing Manager :
Kate Johnson
Creative Director :
Josh Higgins
Art Director :
Zach Stubenvoll
Designer :
Evan Nagan
Designer :
Robert Padbury
Engineering Manager :
Nick Kwiatek
Engineer :
Miles Minton
Engineer :
Bob Walton
Engineer :
Frank Yan
Animator :
Jerod Wanner
Animator :
Adam Kois
Producer :
Adrian Gunadi
Producer :
Cassie Gomrick
Producer :
David Martinez
Executive Producer :
Margaret McLaughlin
Moderation Partner :
Retouching :
Schawk Inc.
Digital Out of Home Development :
Grand Visual
Flash Developer :
Matt Hoover, Inc

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