Furniture retailer sells couches designed for your breakups

FC Deco & Home's 'Breakup collection' splits up for when you and your partner go separate ways

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Apr 11, 2022

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The past two years have taken intimate living to the extreme and for many, that has led to what Gwyneth Paltrow coined a “conscious uncoupling.” But with rising housing costs, not all of the 340,000 U.S. couples who filed for divorce in 2021 are able to afford to break cold turkey. That’s why FC Home & Deco has launched “The Friendly Breakup Collection,” furniture that can split along with you and your partner.




The collection, made in collaboration with Wunderman Thompson Lima, features modular items that easily break from one large piece to sharable, smaller ones. Buy a sofa with your significant other? Break it into two armchairs when you divorce. Splurge on a bookshelf? There’s enough for both to take a piece, like a cost-efficient version of a prenup.

To top off the playful line, each furniture item is named after famous celebrity duos turned singles. There’s the BradIston Sofa, GarnAfleck rug, DemiLlis coffee table, CruisMan bookcase, KanyDashian table, and the LuisCarey painting among others, combining to create a family room that can divide into me-time spaces.


“The Friendly Break Up Collection includes furniture conceived as a unit but that can be divided into two, maintaining the initial aesthetics and utility; thus, facilitating the division of material goods,” read a statement from Federico Fontenla, president of Fontenla group, FC Home & Deco’s parent company. “It is a collection that allows you to start over and move with a part of the original piece of furniture, but at the same time looks complete and can still be enjoyed. A simple but innovative idea that meant a lot of time, dedication, and a great challenge from design and functionality point of view.”

The collection is available for purchase in Argentina via the furnisher’s website or in-person at its flagship store in Buenos Aires. More items are planned for the collection and will source new star divorce names from FC Home & Deco’s social followers.




Apr 11, 2022
Client :
FC Home & Deco
Agency :
Wunderman Thompson

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