UNICEF Is Recruiting Gamers as Donors in Campaign Using a Cryptocurrency

Project by BETC Uses the Blockchain-Based Cryptocurrency Ethereum

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Feb 02, 2018

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UNICEF has found an intriguing new way to recruit donors in its latest campaign -- targeting the gaming community.

The Game Chaingers campaign, devised by BETC Paris, uses the blockchain-based cryptocurrency Ethereum and is aimed at the 711 million gamers in the world and the eSport community, or anyone who has a large graphics card in their computer.

Users sign up by installing the Game Chaingers mining software, and the project then uses a dedicated platform which harnesses the computing power of all the connected graphics cards, to "mine" and generate Ethereum for UNICEF. The idea is to harness the maximum number of graphics cards from PCs all over the world to generate funds through cryptocoin mining-- without the gamers themselves having to make individual donations.