Garfield gets Fetch Pet Insurance in campaign tied to new movie

‘More Is More,’ created in-house, shows how the feline is protected from accidents, illnesses and eating too much lasagna

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Apr 22, 2024
Garfield sneaking up on vet costs

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If your pet has ever gotten into something they clearly shouldn’t, or behaved rashly and had an accident, you might understand why pet insurance is a necessity. And who better to show us what having an unhinged pet is like than Garfield, the iconic orange cat who eats too much and has a little too much personality for his own good (and safety)? 

That’s why Fetch Pet Insurance partnered with Sony as the insurance provider for “The Garfield Movie” and launched a campaign to celebrate a new generation of pet parents who want the best for their fur babies.

Launched on Monday, “More Is More” created by Fetch’s in-house agency, shows how having insurance that covers more—more accidents, illnesses, ailments and everything in between—can lead to more for your pet. In Garfield’s world, that means more lasagna, more cheese and more adventures. 


The campaign comes as Fetch aims to show new pet parents, especially those who adopted or bought pets during the pandemic, that it covers more types of injuries and illnesses than other pet insurance providers—even lasagna-induced tummy aches.

“As we see advances in veterinary care, and their dedication to helping our pets live longer, happier, healthier lives, pet insurance has become a really valuable product,” said Samantha McKinnon, chief business development officer at Fetch Pet Insurance, in an interview.

“Pets are part of the family,” she continued. “And when you watch [the trailer for ‘The Garfield Movie’] and John’s looking at the other families in the room at the restaurant and then Garfield comes into his life, he completes his family.”

As part of the campaign, running April 22 through May 6, pet parents can apply for a free, no-commitment pet insurance quote on Fetch for a chance to win two VIP tickets and an all-expense-paid trip to Los Angeles to attend the premiere of “The Garfield Movie” on May 19.

The movie hits theaters May 24, on Memorial Day weekend.

The campaign aims to appeal to the “retro-cool” nature of bringing back a nostalgic, iconic comic staple to appeal to mass, multi-generational audiences, Jeffrey Godsick, EVP of global partnerships and brand management and head of location-based entertainment at Sony Pictures Entertainment, told Ad Age.

“Garfield has always been beloved,” he said. “The essence of Garfield is the combination of his humanistic tendencies, combined with his attitude which people just love, because he's got a humanistic attitude about things that humans probably feel [about their own pets] but don't necessarily say or can’t enact.

“Combining that with Fetch, I mean, you're getting pet insurance because you love your pets,” he continued.

In addition to the rollout campaign, Fetch has partnered with Walmart and Best Friends Animal Society for future activations regarding pet adoptions and programs such as Project Street Vet, a non-profit that provides free veterinary care to the pets of people experiencing homelessness.


Apr 22, 2024
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Fetch Pet Insurance
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Fetch Pet Insurance

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