Gatorade celebrates the universality of sweat in Isla’s latest campaign for Latin America

The Buenos Aires agency highlights its crucial role in performance, no matter the sports level

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Feb 15, 2024
A tennis player sweating and drinking orange Gatorade after a match

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Sportsmen and women who exude sweat do so because it is how your body basically cools itself. It doesn’t matter if you’re pro or new to sports, sweat doesn’t spare. In fact, it is scientifically necessary during your physical activities.

Through your pores, you release salt, sugar and other chemicals that your body needs as part of its extraordinary cooling system. In Gatorade’s new “Todos Sudamos” ad for Latin America, the original thirst quencher urges people to keep sweating no matter what.

That’s whether you’re at your local soccer match, playing tennis as if your life depended on it, at your chiropractor’s, boxing at an amateur level, coming to the office to work as an accountant, or even imagining you’re shooting hoops at the big game instead of your home court.


“Connecting with athletes and offering a portfolio of products that help them keep sweating is the main pillar of the brand,” said Gonzalo Chigó, marketing director for Gatorade Latin America, and Álvaro Ascenzo, regional marketing manager for the brand.

A female voiceover states the facts: “Sweat doesn’t mind if you don’t have the best spot to get changed. If you have sponsors or not. If you get paid millions, or if you have to pay to play.”

The two-minute spot, created by Isla Buenos Aires, showcases a variety of individuals in amateur sports, all giving their best. It reinforces the notion that hard work and maximum effort are integral parts of the process of achieving personal goals.

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“The idea was born from a very simple observation about sweat,” said Rodrigo Greco and Mariano Gamba, executive creative directors at Isla. “Sweat doesn’t care if you play as a pro or not. Because you’re going to sweat just the same, and you’re going to need to recover just like the best in the world. And that’s where the brand that knows the most about hydration gives you everything you need to keep sweating and reach your goals.”

“To sweat every court is sweatable,” our narrator states.

“¿Sweatable existe?” asks a man in Spanish, ready to shoot a ball.

“Well, it is now,” she replies.

The new regional campaign was directed by Nico Perez Veiga and produced by Primo. It will be included in a series of releases in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and other key countries in the region.

The new campaign follows an evocative three-minute spot created by Isla last May that connected exercise and mental health.


Feb 15, 2024
Client :
Agency :
Isla Buenos Aires
Chief Creative Officer :
Ariel Serkin
Chief Creative Officer :
Rodrigo Grau
Chief Strategy Officer :
Mariano Serkin
Managing Director :
Victoria Clucellas
Executive Creative Director :
Mariano Gamba
Executive Creative Director :
Rodrigo Greco
Head of Planning :
Romina Celoné
Copywriting :
Matías Kato Corbelle
Head of Design :
Alejandro Stea
Design :
Ignacio Abal
Grouper PM :
Karen Cortés
Head of Content & Innovation :
Sebastian Santana Bru
Head of Media :
Suyin Barrios
Digital Content :
Amy Galicia
Head of Production :
Coqui Gimenez Uriburu
Production Company :
Primo Content
Director :
Nicolás Perez Vega
Director :
Nicolas Kasakoff
Executive Producer :
Caro Cordini
Producer :
German Lentini
Director of Photography :
Pierre Kerchove
Art Direction :
Charly Carnota
Costume :
Marina Claypole
Editor :
Paula Baialardo
Post Production Company :
Boat VFX
Sound :
Porta Estudio
Music :
Color Correction :
Post Production Coordinator :
Seba Lopez
Latam Senior Marketing Director :
Martin Watson
Latam Marketing Director :
Gonzalo Chigo
Regional Marketing Manager :
Álvaro Ascenzo

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