GE's 'Killer' Podcast Entertains While Introducing Viewers to Its Sonic Healing Tech

Audience Learned About GE Tech While Engrossed in Sci-Fi Story

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Jan 19, 2016

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GE made something as obscure and complicated as its "sonic healing technology" fascinating for consumers by creating a sci-fi podcast that entrenched listeners in the world of Nicky Tomalin, a podcaster following the work of cryptologists who set out to decipher a message sent from aliens 70 years ago -- one that, apparently, would kill you if you listened to it.

The campaign further built out Nick's world through an alternate reality game. And while listeners were being entertained, they got to learn about GE's sonic tech too.

According to agency BBDO, the campaign was downloaded more than 4 million times, garnered 187 million earned media impressions and became the most listened to branded content podcast in history.