Geico's 'Sequels' bring back fan favorites for blockbuster adventures

The insurance brand hops on the trilogy bandwagon with a new contest

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Dec 17, 2019

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“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” hits theaters this week, and moviegoers are already arguing about whether it lives up to its predecessors. But viewers looking for a hit of nostalgia need only turn on the TV. Geico is bringing back the stars of some of its most popular commercials for sequels of their own, in the brand's latest effort from The Martin Agency.

Pinocchio, the Woodchucks and the Raccoons are all back, reprising their roles as troublemaking spokesanimals (and puppet) for the insurance provider. A blockbuster trailer promoting the series (above) finds them on the run in a stolen trash truck.

Six individual spots are more low-key, directing viewers to a site where they can vote on their favorites. Out-of-home placements in movie theaters lobbies also promote the characters’ returns.

In one ad, Pinocchio tries online dating but just can’t get his story straight.


His luck and his lies don’t improve when he’s dealing with a meter reader, either.


The woodchucks continue their favorite pastime—of chucking wood, of course, no matter who’s around, in a pair of commercial spoofs.


A happy couple’s peaceful morning is spoiled by early antics, and what business is more fitting than a lumber yard for tossing wood?


The snarky pair of trash pandas take a joyride and start a new business in their spots.