Geico's 'Scoop There It Is' is now a real ice cream

The viral ad featuring Tag Team and kitchen dancing becomes a flavor from Mikey Likes It

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Sep 13, 2021

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Geico is giving fans of its hit commercial what they want: "Scoop! There It Is!" ice cream.

It was hard to miss Geico’s ad featuring Tag Team earlier this year. The commercial, officially called “Tag Team Helps With Dessert” but better known as "Scoop! There It Is!" features the duo singing ice cream flavor lyrics to the tune of their 1993 hit “Whoomp! (There It Is).” It comes from the Martin Agency and has been viewed millions of times since its late December debut.

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The commercial begins with a mom named Tasha preparing dinner and a familiar Geico voiceover. Soon, Tag Team suggests “French vanilla, rocky road, chocolate, peanut butter, cookie dough,” for dessert. The ad continues with lots of dancing and ends with sprinkles.

Now there’s a “Scoop! There It is!” ice cream flavor from New York scoop shop Mikey Likes It Ice Cream. Mikey Cole, who worked on the flavor, won’t be selling it in his brand’s shops. Fans need to share dance videos with Geico on social media for a chance to win a pint.


How popular is the commercial? Along with being Geico’s most-aired TV commercial so far this year, it has generated plenty of memes and stories about its origins and raked in more than 15 million views on Geico’s YouTube page.

“It was incredible to see people of all ages and backgrounds dancing along with us in their kitchens,” DC “The Brain Supreme” Glenn, who performs in Tag Team with Steve “Rolln” Gibson, said in a statement.

Glenn even added the commercial version of the song to Tag Team’s touring setlist. And after fans bemoaned its removal from the airwaves in the spring, Geico brought it back in July.

“The response to ‘Scoop! There It Is!’ was overwhelming, and the reaction from fans asking for more after the spot came off the air was something you really don't see often in advertising,” Joe Pusateri, Geico VP of marketing, said in a statement.


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The ice cream features a vanilla base with cookie dough, peanut butter swirl, and, in a nod to rocky road, there are chocolate-covered marshmallows. Packaging is reminiscent of Tag Team’s 1993 album cover. People trying to win a pint from Sept. 17 to Oct. 1 need to follow Geico on TikTok or Instagram, upload a dance using the “Scoop! There It Is!” track and mention @Geico and #GEICOIceCream in the caption.

Along with Martin and ​​Mikey Likes It Ice Cream, Geico worked with RedPeg on the project.

“Whoomp” was previously featured in a 2015 Geico commercial (Tag Team wasn’t shown) as well as in ads for brands including Outback Steakhouse, Walmart and Gain detergent, according to iSpot. None of those ads featuring the tune caught on like Geico’s newer take.

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