Paddy Power Photobombs British Politics -- With a Truck

Brands are Taking to Twitter as U.K. Goes to the Polls

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May 07, 2015

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Among the many brands referencing the U.K. general election on Twitter today, Paddy Power's "truck photobomb" of London's Houses of Parliament seems to have generated the most buzz so far. The online betting firm tweeted a photo of a 16 meter long truck outside the Palace of Westminster, carrying the massive message "You're getting sacked in the morning." The stunt was conceived by agency Lucky Generals.

Social media was the place to be today (May 7), as U.K. broadcast media is restricted from discussion of politics, other than factual accounts, until the polls close at 10 p.m.tonight -- leaving the likes of the BBC to ruminate on issues such as whether or not you can take a selfie in a polling booth.

Other brands using the election as a marketing tool today included Pizza Hut, which tweeted a mocked up selection of pizzas based on the British political leaders (for example, the Cameron is a 10% meat feast with 90% margarita, and comes with cuts everywhere); charity Age U.K., which tweeted a photo of Britain's oldest first-time voter, aged 102, and EE, which tweeted a video, created by Saatchi & Saatchi London as a viral to promote a mobile phone charger giveaway, purporting to show the political leaders rapping and dancing at a post-election party.