A kid finds a 'monster' in his kitchen in Greenpeace's follow-up to 'Rang-Tan'

Short film highlighting deforestation and the meat industry is voiced by 'Narcos' actor Wagner Moura

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Oct 26, 2020

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Greeenpeace has followed up “Rang-Tan,” its award-winning 2018 film highlighting the issue of palm oil, with a new animated short film that shines a spotlight on the deforestation and the meat industry.

Like “Rang-Tan,” the film was once again created by Mother London. This time the agency worked with Oscar-nominated Irish studio Cartoon Saloon and director Tomm Moore—the team behind “Wolfwalkers,” newly released on Apple TV+ and in theaters.

In an echo of the previous film, the story centers on a child finding a creature in their kitchen. But this time, instead of the fluffy orang-utan and the warm tones of Emma Thompson, the animal is a scary “monster” who turns out to be a jaguar, and the voiceover is by actor Wagner Moura, who plays Pablo Escobar in “Narcos.” The jaguar explains to the child (who is raiding the refrigerator for chicken and burgers) that he’s been driven out of his forest by companies cutting down the trees to grow animal feed. 

We also see scenes of activism, with Paul McCartney, who lent his support to the film, in a short “Easter Egg” cameo. The campaign aims to stimulate individual actions, like switching to plant-based alternatives, and encourage collective activism. 

The Greenpeace spot will air as a short before screenings of the "Wolkwalkers" in cinemas in countries including the U.S., France and Japan, and images of the jaguar will be projected onto the wall of a castle in Kilkenny following a promo for the movie. Moore, who co-directed, tells Ad Age's Creativity: “Everyone had just rolled off 'Walkwalkers; and when the project came in we just couldn’t say no. We all knew each other so well and we’d all been through the battle with the feature film, so it made a nice epilogue.”

Mother Executive Creative Director Ana Balarin added that using Wagner Moura “felt right” for the voiceover as the actor is Brazilian and had more of a connection to the Amazon. “He is quite an activist himself, and Narcos fans will recognize his very deep voice," she says.