Grey Poupon plays on Olivia Wilde salad drama with ‘Don’t Worry Dijon’ jar redesign

The mustard brand announced limited-edition jars labeled with Wilde’s viral ‘special salad dressing’

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Oct 24, 2022
gray poupon mustard jars showing front and back with red boa wrapped around jar

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An innocuous recipe for salad dressing is at the center of the latest chapter in the internet drama swirling around actress and director Olivia Wilde and musician and actor Harry Styles—and Grey Poupon is getting in on the drama. 

Earlier this week, a former nanny for Wilde and her ex-partner Jason Sudeikis divulged details about the couple’s messy split in 2020, when Wilde left Sudeikis to start a relationship with Styles after spending time with him on the set of her film “Don’t Worry Darling.” The nanny claimed in an interview with the Daily Mail that Sudeikis became devastated one night when Wilde prepared a salad made with her “special dressing” to bring to Styles, allegedly trying to prevent Wilde from leaving the house by lying under her car. The internet latched onto this element of the nanny’s tale, with social media lighting up with theories about what ingredients the salad dressing included that made it so “special.”

Wilde put an end to the speculation Tuesday in an Instagram story that revealed the recipe—which originates from Nora Ephron’s 1983 book “Heartburn”—is a simple mixture of red wine vinegar, olive oil and Grey Poupon mustard. Interest in Grey Poupon spiked after Wilde posted her story, driving Google searches related to the condiment and hundreds of social media posts.

Not gonna lie, I went and bought grey poupon. #specialdressing #wilde

— NIKKI IRISH: HOUSTON (@Nikki_Irish) October 21, 2022

he laid under her car for a grey poupon mustard, oil, and red wine vinegar blend salad dressing

— loz ✰ (@bunnipdf) October 20, 2022

Naturally, the social media team at Grey Poupon, a Kraft Heinz brand, leveraged the mustard's inclusion in the viral recipe. On Thursday, Grey Poupon’s U.S. Instagram account announced a limited-edition redesign of its mustard jars that rename the product “Don’t Worry Dijon,” a play on the name of the film that spawned Wilde and Styles’ relationship. The salad dressing recipe that allegedly won Styles’ heart—and broke Sudeikis’—emblazons the back of the jar. Created in partnership with PR agency Zeno Group, the redesign also references Styles’ involvement in the drama with text reading “made with style,” and the post announcing the limited-edition jars featured a feather boa as a nod to Styles’ association with the accessory. 

The post announcing the new jars generated more engagement on Grey Poupon’s Instagram than the brand typically receives, earning more than 5,000 likes compared to the average of 50 that the brand’s posts typically receive. 

A Grey Poupon spokesperson said the brand will create 100 of these limited-edition jars, with more information to come. 

“You too could win someone over with a dash of Grey Poupon,” the brand wrote in the Instagram post’s caption. “Stay tuned for how you can get your hands on one.”