Johnsonville Sausage Employees Continue to Be Adorable With Their Advertising Ideas

More Spots From 'Made the Johnsonville Way' Campaign Show Off Staffers' Amazing Creativity

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Apr 10, 2017

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Johnsonville Sausage and its agency Droga5 New York have put the company's employees front and center of its marketing. One campaign, "Made the Johnsonville Way," debuted last year and recruited staffers to come up with ideas for the company's commercials. Then, Johnsonville actually produced them, bringing to life spots starring talking forest animals and high-speed care chases. But the creativity continues to flow, and Johnsonville has delivered a pair of new ads, including one promoting the company's first big product extension outside of pork, Flame Grilled Chicken.

That ad, from Todd, a longtime Johnsonville employee in the transportation department, reunites Todd's metal outfit from the '80s, Ruben and the Receders. Droga5 brought the old band members together for an epic concert event in Toronto before an audience of thousands. They even got hairdos to match. The group, of course, sings about Johnsonville's chicken.

Another ad, from Cole, goes further back, with a hilarious '70s-style game show in which the ultimate prize is Johnsonville Smoked Sausage. "Cole came in last year and pitched a commercial idea that didn't get picked," explained Droga5 Associate Creative Director Kevin Weir in a statement. "Before coming in this time, he spent weeks working with his mentor at Johnsonville to get more comfortable on camera. We didn't know about this until way afterwards. He was so pumped to have his idea chosen."

"It's no surprise the best people for coming up with sausage (and chicken) commercials are the people who actually make those products," added Executive Creative Director Scott Bell.