Guinness drinkers chase the elusive Irish sun in a playful summer spot

AMV BBDO's latest work has fun with the country's temperamental weather

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Jul 01, 2022

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Ireland's famously changeable weather plays a central role in a playful summer TV spot from Guinness, airing in the brand's native country.

The ad, by AMV BBDO, begins with a group of Guinness drinkers who move their pub garden table to chase the elusive sun as it clouds over. Thanks to wind, rain and even sun umbrellas, they have to move it again and again, and each time the table appears in a different location, all over Ireland, before eventually they're dining on a spectacular cliffside. And of course, there's the famous creamy Guinness mustache to contend with too. 

“The idea was based off a truth that (almost) all of us share – when the shade catches up, we move into the sun," said AMV BBDO Art Director Alicia Cliffe, in a statement. 

The ad, directed by Molly Burdett at Spindle, is airing on TV, digital and social in Ireland. It aims to capture the optimism of the Irish in anticipation of a good summer, something that's bound to resonate especially after the last few years when the country has endured some tough Covid-19 lockdowns. It comes as Guinness will be poured at new festival locations across the summer, including Forbidden Fruit, All Together Now, the Big Grill and the Galway Races.