NYC Gun Store 'Sells' Weapons Used in Mass Killings and Accidental Shootings

States United to Prevent Gun Violence Behind Jarring Stunt

Published On
Mar 17, 2015

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Unsuspecting shoppers on the Lower East Side of Manhattan came across this "gun store" aimed at first-time weapon buyers. Those who walked in were treated to the shocking history of the shop's wares: among them, a revolver a five-year-old boy used to shoot his 9-month old brother, a 9 mm semi-automatic that a two-year-old shot and killed his mom with at a Walmart and the same kind of gun one young shooter used during the tragedy at Sandy Hook.

The video, created out of Grey, New York, is the agency's latest effort for States United Against Gun Violence and is accompanied by a website, Guns With History, showing the stories behind various models. See more images of the gun store here.

The agency's previous efforts for the clients include the Unload Your 401K campaign, which encourages people to divest themselves of 401(k) investments in to gun companies, a shocking animated film telling the story of one boy's unfortunate discovery and this film about an enraged office worker.