Gut spoofs idiotic tech ideas in comic ad for Globant, now its parent company

The campaign dreams up ‘Taste ID,’ a fictitious food-industry technology that involves licking a screen

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Mar 21, 2024
A man licking a cell phone as his colleague looks on smiling

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Gut has been creating comic ad campaigns for global tech and digital consultancy Globant for several years. Since November, the client is also the agency’s parent company—and now they’ve released their first campaign since Globant took that majority stake.

The theme is in line with previous installments in the “Stuck in Consultancy” campaign, with Globant positioning itself in opposition to companies that operate in B2B tech but without delivering real solutions for customers.

This is illustrated in a new 60-second spot parodying tech innovation. Below, meet the braintrust behind “Taste ID,” a technology that claims to be able to identify what a person wants to eat based on them licking their cell phone screen.


“Enough with nonsense tech,” says the copy at the end. “Get a technology partner that knows your business and your customers.”

The new campaign follows last year’s effort which mocked other consultancies’ AI obsession, and the previous year’s installment which poked fun at old and static business consultancies. That 2022 campaign later won Best B2B Campaign at Ad Age’s Creativity Awards.

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Wanda Weigert, chief brand officer at Globant, said the new spot “emphasizes Globant's ongoing dedication to challenging traditional norms, making us the ideal partner that dares to create digital solutions for our clients. Brands tend to work with a lot of IT partners over the years, and even simultaneously. We consider Globant the only B2B2C digital solutions partner that differentiates from other legacy IT organizations by blending technology, creativity and intuition to build delightful experiences.” 

“This campaign addresses one of the most critical topics in the tech industry: placing the consumer or user at the center while crafting digital solutions,” added Matías Lafalla, chief creative officer at GUT. “Globant stands out among other tech companies by creating digital products users really love. To tell this narrative, we opted to maintain the humorous and ironic tone that has already become a signature of this saga.”