Gymshark spotlights fitness diversity in Pride campaign

Video series features transgender powerlifter Angel Flores and ballroom group House of Miyake-Mugler

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Jun 15, 2022

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Gymshark is highlighting the diversity of athletics and the inclusive communities that LGBTQ+ people have found in fitness spaces. From an all LGBTQ+ production team, the brand will roll out a series of videos, called “Pride in Progress,” throughout June and beyond showcasing inspirational stories of found family. Videos in the series currently feature the winners of HBO's second season of "Legendary," the House of Miyake-Mugler, and transgender powerlifter Angel Flores.

The campaign seeks to end the perception that fitness environments can be exclusionary and judgemental. Teaming with a roster of fitness personalities across a diverse spectrum of identities, the video series tells the stories of LGBTQ+ athletes and how they overcome stigmas around gender and identity.

One video follows the ballroom performers that make up the House of Miyake-Mugler. “I think I can speak for the whole entire community when I say when you are able to walk balls,” says the video’s narrator, “you’re able to walk your everyday life with your head up high.”

Cutting between scenes of training and performance, the members discuss ballroom’s combination of athleticism and artistry, and how they must foster community alongside their training to find success. Created by LGBTQ+ director Lloyd Pursall and director of photography John Fitzpatrick, the energetic and moving film sheds light on the difficulties each performer had to overcome to find their identity and let it shine on the dance floor.

Another spot documents the journey of transgender powerlifter Angel Flores. Created by LGBTQ+ director Devyn Galindo and director of photography Maddy Talias, Flores shows off the sweat and struggle she exerts in her sport—and how much fun she has doing it. 

“What makes the community around me so special is that we are united by the journey,” says Flores. “Everybody should have the opportunity to chase excellence and everybody should have that opportunity in a safe space. It’s a right. It’s a human right.”

A participant in season six of Netflix’s “Queer Eye,” Flores continues her mission to educate all athletes on the challenges of transitioning and coming out in the fitness world, as well as the importance of seeking out those that can support one’s goals as she has at the queer-friendly Liberation Barbell Club in Austin, Texas.

Gymshark will run these videos and more in the series on its owned digital and social channels.