This Hilarious (and Catchy) Karaoke Song Tries to Teach You Icelandic

Inspired by Iceland's Campaign Also Encourages People to Record Their Own Attempts

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Oct 09, 2017

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Icelandic tourist authority Inspired by Iceland is encouraging people to visit the country with a funny, and bizarrely catchy, karaoke song that aims to get potential visitors speaking Icelandic.

A new campaign created jointly by Islenska and The Brooklyn Brothers centers around the video of "The Hardest Karaoke Song in the World." It's fronted by an enthusaistic Icleander (comedian Steindi Jr) who wants to teach you the "A to O" of Icleand (that's the equivlaent of A to Z in English), and makes use of everyday Icelandic words along with some more obscure words and phrases. It also satirizies some of the common perceptions about Iceland (like, they all love to hug sheep). A second video shows tourists trying to get their own voices round the vowels of the Icleandic language, with hilarious results.

There's also an interactive element--anyone up for the challenge to try out the song can find it on the Inspired By Iceland website or YouTube channel and can upload their own attempts using the hashtag #singiceland. Be warned though: watch it once through and you'll be singing it all day.