This Finnish spirits brand created the 'greyest day of the year' to get around country's alcohol ad rules

Hartwall's Original Long Drink is known for its greyness

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Dec 07, 2018

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Finland's Hartwall's Original Long Drink is trying to get the country's residents out celebrating the "greyest day of the year" in a campaign designed to get around strict rules on alcohol advertising there.

In January 2015, the Finnish parliament approved an amendment that prohibited the advertising of alcohol products in public places. Social media activations for alcohol brands are also not allowed, nor are TV ads prior to 10PM. 

The gin-based mixer, originally created for the Helsinki Olympic Games in 1952, is famous for its grey color--some of its nicknames include "grey," "cement" and "concrete." As Finland is also known for its grey weather, the brand came up with the idea of a national "greyest day of the year" celebration, celebrated on the third Saturday in November (it worked with meteorologists to identify which day was greyest). Festivities included a large outdoor concert at Helsinki's Alla Sea Pool and other outdoor events in cities across Finland. People shared their "grey" celebrations on social media and even other brands created "greyest day of the year" offers. So even if advertising is banned during key times, the brand hoped that this new "holiday" will keep Hartwall's top of mind.

In a survey afterwards, nearly one in five Finn recognized Nov. 17 as the "greyest day of the year" and 23 per cent associated grey with Hartwall's Original Long Drink. There are also plans to hold the day again next year. 

Agencies Miltton and Bob the Robot worked on the project. 



Dec 07, 2018
Client :
Agency :
Miltton/Bob the Robot
Director :
Juho Konstig
Producer :
Seppo Kerkelä
Director of Photography :
Tuukka Kovasiipi

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