HBO spends a day handing out nicknames from 'The Sopranos'

The network celebrated the 20th anniversary of the critically-acclaimed show with a Twitter thread for the ages

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Jan 11, 2019

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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of “The Sopranos,” the show that helped HBO usher in the golden age of television, the cable network took to Twitter to hand out mafia-inspired nicknames to all comers. Or at least as many as is could before it was inundated with requests.

George R.R. Martin, creator of fellow HBO hit “Game of Thrones,” was bestowed with the moniker “Father of Dragons.” CNN anchor Jake Tapper was dubbed “Newsboy” and tennis star Roger Federer was promptly named “The Feds.”


Brands got in on the action, too, with Wendy’s (always on the ball on social) asking early. “Square Patty” came the reply, which the burger joint used a springboard for low-key criticism of a rival chain with a “big yellow sign.” Tinder was appropriately named “Wesley Swipes.”


HBO’s social media team dreamed up responses in real-time, coming up with gems like “Filthy Animal” for Macaulay Culkin, plucked from a famous line in the made-up mafia movie “Angels With Filthy Souls” from “Home Alone.”


About 23 hours after it began, HBO ended the game the same way it ended the show, with an abrupt cut to black.