Why Headspace is putting female sexual wellness at the heart of its new campaign

The meditation app is digging into issues that cause anxiety in order attract new users

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Aug 18, 2022

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Headspace is embarking on a major new push into women’s health and well-being with the debut of a content series called "The Women's Collection," and it kicks off with an important topic—female sexual wellness. 

The campaign comes as the mindfulness and meditation app for the first time aims to link physical health more closely to mental health. In the process, it will explore and resolve issues that cause anxiety and sleeplessness for women. 

A new film, "Let's Talk About Sex," was created in partnership with women’s community app Peanut. It brings together a diverse cast of six women to discuss topics around sex. Filmed by an all-female crew at U.K. production company Gather, the cast hails from a wide variety of backgrounds. Among them are a widow who is navigating dating, a mother struggling with her sex drive after childbirth and a woman expecting a baby with a trans man. They share their experiences with therapist Kate Moyle.

The film aims to encourage and empower women to talk about sex and to start a conversation around women's sexual wellness; it comes after Headspace conducted a survey among Peanut members that found that over half of women still find there's a taboo in talking about low sex drive, and 78% of women have experienced low sex drive.

The U.K. survey also found that 89% of women think the medical industry doesn't take women’s sexual desires seriously. And despite seven in 10 women wanting better access to information to improve their sex lives, only 6% have tried mindfulness or meditation, and only 13% have tried communicating with friends to improve their sex life. 

The Women's Collection campaign focuses on women's well-being.

"When I started at the company a year and half ago and reviewed all our content, I found that we do an incredible job at managing anxiety and sleeping better," said Louise Troen, vice president of content and studios marketing at Headspace, in an interview with Ad Age. "But there was a need for us to focus on specific issues to combat and target actual cultural challenges that are happening to people. One of the biggest areas was women’s health more broadly."

Headspace identified three areas—body and heath, sex and relationships, and "strength in solidarity"—that it wanted to specifically address through its content and its guided meditations for women. Troen said that the brand is aiming to create a "one-stop shop" so that "whatever you are feeling, the platform will provide it."

She decided to start the content series with sexual wellness because "it's an area of women's health that, especially in the light of Roe v. Wade, is something we really need to focus on." Around half of Headspace's current users are female; the company has a different strategy in targeting men, focused on getting them to open up and talk about their mental health. 

The campaign is launching in the U.S. and U.K. this week, on social media supported by a partnership with "Stylist" magazine in the U.K. Content will also be available in Germany.