Heineken captures that first sip feeling in new global campaign

‘The First Ahhh!’ from agency LePub depicts relief of a buildup of anticipation for a refreshing drink

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Apr 11, 2024
Man drinking a Heineken

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Imagine this: The first sip of cold water on a scorching hot summer day. The first sip of a cool piña colada after going on your first vacation in years. The first sip of beer on out a night out with your friends.

If, in each of these scenarios, you imagined yourself sighing a deep “Ahhh,” you’d fit right into Heineken’s new global campaign that captures the feeling of the first sip. 

Launched on Tuesday, “The First Ahhh,” created by agency LePub, kicks off with a global campaign video directed by Alex Feil that shows moments when those anxious to taste a refreshing Heineken sigh in disappointment when it is just out of reach. Whether because they were late to a party or supply ran out in the cooler, we see different individuals breathe a sad “Ahhh” and the anticipation grows.


Naturally, when the protagonist finally experiences a Heineken, the “Ahhh!” takes a different tone, like a sigh of relief. The video, soundtracked by a cover of the late, great Nat King Cole’s “L.O.V.E.,” aims to capture the “unique experience” that is a climactic first sip, said Bruno Bertelli, global CEO of LePub and chief creative officer at Publicis Worldwide. 

“The first sip of beer is a unique experience: the pleasure, the smell, the feeling of frothiness—everything contributes to a perception of taste and enjoyment,” he said. “The campaign portrays this sense of expectation and how these elements can play a role in the way we perceive taste and excitement.”

In addition to the spot, which is running on TV, the wider global campaign running through 2024 and 2025 showcases Heineken’s five core brewing principles to achieve a “perfectly balanced taste.” 

To do this, the brand enlisted brewing master Willem van Waesberghe to measure the surfaces of bars and tables with “The Beer Level,” a leveling tool created by the brand filled with Heineken beer.


“We also want to bring some fun to our credentials by creating a Giant Spirit (or Beer) Level, highlighting our dedication to the craft in true Heineken wit and style,” said Nabil Nasser, global head of the Heineken brand.

“The First Ahhh!” campaign launched across 75 markets and will consist of additional OOH, packaging updates, PR and social campaigns to follow.