Heineken is freezing beer into ice cubes that are 20% colder and melt two times slower

Wunderman Thompson Thailand’s ‘Heineken Star Ice’ project taps into the common practice in Thailand and Laos of putting ice in beer

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Sep 05, 2023
A Heineken Star Ice cube in a glass of Heineken beer

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Drinking beer over ice is a thing in Thailand and Laos, as refrigerators there often can’t keep up with the stifling heat. Now, Heineken is honoring that tradition with some product innovation—creating star-shaped ice cubes made from Heineken beer.

Wunderman Thompson Thailand worked on the project for Heineken Lao Brewery. They used a process called blast freezing, which involves almost instantaneous freezing—minimizing the formation of ice crystals and better preserving the flavor of the beer. (Blast freezing was introduced in 1929 by Clarence Birdseye, inventor and founder of the company Birds Eye, who used the process on his frozen foods.)

Heineken froze its beer in a signature star shape at -35 degree Celsius. The resulting cubes are 20% colder than regular ice and melt two times slower. They’re being sold in 12-packs with the brand name Heineken Star Ice.

Package of Heineken Star Ice

Product shot of Heineken Star Ice

Wunderman Thompson is positioning the project as a combination of innovation and cultural celebration.

“We take pride in fusing global brand excellence with the beauty of local traditions,” said Park Wannasiri, chief creative officer of Wunderman Thompson Thailand. “The creation of Heineken Star Ice was a passionate journey that embraced the ‘beer with ice’ culture, reimagining tradition with an innovative freeze. Beyond the refreshing chill, this ice represents a celebration of unity and the shared moments that bring us all together. Here's to Heineken Star Ice—a truly cool and cultural experience!”

Product shot of Heineken Star Ice

Product shot of Heineken Star Ice