Heinz made a ketchup bottle adorned with Ed Sheeran's tattoo

The brand is celebrating the singer's love for the red stuff

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Aug 14, 2019

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British music superstar Ed Sheeran is a big fan of Heinz tomato ketchup—he recently starred in a TV spot for the brand after he sent it a direct message about an ad idea, and he has a tattoo of a ketchup bottle on his arm. 

Now Heinz has repaid the compliment (or should that be condiment?) by creating a limited edition ketchup bottle in homage to Sheeran's tattoos. The bottles, created by David Miami, feature imagery from tattoos worn by the singer including the Heinz Ketchup label, a paw print, a rose and jigsaw pieces, as well as Sheeran's signature. They come packaged in boxes designed to look like old-fashioned speakers.

There are 150 of them; 104 are being given away via an online contest, others will be sent out to superfans and three are being auctioned by Christie's, with the proceeds going to two charities chosen by Sheeran.