Heinz ketchup is there for everyday magic moments in campaign from Wieden + Kennedy NY

Messes are ignored, fun moments are embraced—and restaurant packets of ketchup are available 

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Apr 20, 2021

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Heinz ketchup is reminding people of its role in providing “Magic Every Day” to busy families in a new campaign from Wieden + Kennedy New  York.

It includes a 60-second spot that kicks off with chaotic vignettes of life. There's a dinner table ketchup bottle prank that’s not well received, a day at the beach that’s way too windy, a water fight at a cookout, a child interrupting Dad’s work call and a girl who has way too much of the red stuff in the car. But those can actually be magic moments, Heinz suggests.

Soon, the family at the dinner table erupts in laughter as Mom catches a ketchup-dotted fry in her mouth. Other uplifting scenes follow, some of them featuring ketchup.

The 15-second version arguably works better, as it lets the product shine more. It centers on a vignette featuring a dad in the car with his child, who squirts lots of ketchup from a packet onto her burger before taking a bite. Parents may wonder how the child opened the packet (we're guessing Dad passed it back, already open) and manages to eat her meal without a tremendous mess falling into her lap and all over the carseat.



Both spots are backed by The Drifters' classic “This Magic Moment” and show how Heinz plays a part in those precious family moments that occur in the midst of everyday chaos.

“Life can be a lot to handle, but there’s plenty of magic in all that chaos,” a voiceover says.

The ads, ever so briefly, feature a Heinz ketchup packet, the to-go condiment that restaurants have recently had trouble keeping in stock. Kraft Heinz is working on fulfilling orders for its packets and has been making other suggestions, such as having large touch-free dispensers available for patrons. 

The latest work has a much more everyday feel than W+K’s first work on Heinz, its 2020 Super Bowl spot showing four unique scenes that kicked off a “Find the Goodness” campaign.

Outside the U.S., Heinz has had a variety of work in recent months from Canadian agency Rethink, including one campaign in which the Heinz site took 57 minutes to load. Rethink also asked people to draw ketchup, and many instinctively drew as Heinz bottles.