The Oh Henry! 4:25 Bar

Published On
Apr 23, 2020


Oh Henry! is the #1 chocolate bar in Canada for satisfying hunger, but millennials are still more likely to think of the Snickers brand competitor when they get hungry. In fact, the majority of Oh Henry! consumers are 45 and older. To maintain its leadership position and increase consumption among millennials, the brand needed a way to win the attention and affection of a younger generation of hunger bar buyers. This meant creating a campaign that would go way beyond the clutter of standard candy bar advertising.

We harnessed the power of a Canadian cultural phenomenon – the national legalization of cannabis – to fuel an innovative integrated marketing approach the likes of which the candy bar category had never experienced. Most importantly, through a highly coordinated effort across online video, influencer partnerships, social media, content marketing, packaging and PR, we drove phenomenal media metrics and business results for Oh Henry!.