Geico's New Campaign Is Really Unskippable

Brand Debuts 'Fast Forward,' Its Follow-Up to Award-Winning Ads

Published On
Feb 28, 2016

Editor's Pick

Geico has debuted the follow-up to its award-winning "Unskippable" campaign with a series of ads so outrageous it's hoping you won't mind that this time around, you won't even have an option to skip the films.

The new "Fast Forward" campaign from The Martin Agency includes a series of 15-second online videos that viewers can't click away from. But within seconds after they begin, the ads jump straight to some truly bizarre endings. One video, for example, opens on a pair of hikers treading the side of a cliff. The ad then announces, with a big Geico logo, "We now fast forward to the end of this Geico ad so you can get to your video faster," and then cuts to the hikers, now hanging from the claws of giant bird, one of them playing a saxophone.

Another spot opens on a pair of fisherman who somehow end up as ornaments above the fireplace of a giant fish's home, and a third ad stars two lumberjacks engaged in chit-chat when they encounter an angry grizzly, but then skips to find one of the men and the bear in a warm embrace. A final ad opens on a trio of elevators riders, two who somehow end up walking out with extremely unflattering hairdos.

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