Hispanic Democrats Shill for Donald Trump

He's a Bigot, But That Helps

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Aug 04, 2015

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It looks like Donald Trump has a new fanbase: Hispanic Democrats. In this new "campaign" video created out of TDA Boulder, the agency's Hispanic Democrat staffers, associates and friends support the businessman's win in the Republican Primary. "Sure, he's a bigot," they say, but polls show he'd never win a general election, which will make things a lot easier when the real race happens.

The effort also has a website, where the agency makes its point even more clear:

"We're not a political party; we are something even more objectionable, we are an advertising agency. An advertising agency with some ethics and good intentions and we don't like bullies. Mr. Trump has indicated he is many things -- most of all a bully.

This video is our unified stand on behalf of our co-workers, peers, friends and family members who are Hispanic. We're offended by Mr. Trump's assertions concerning Hispanic members of our community."


Aug 04, 2015
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TDA Boulder
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TDA Boulder
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TDA Boulder

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