The Home Depot built a store in Roblox and is hosting virtual Kids Workshops there

Visitors can build a birdhouse, a mini flower garden or a small car and take it with them to Redcliff City

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Mar 06, 2023
A kid running toward a Home Depot store inside the video game Roblox

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Building games, from Minecraft to Terraria to Lego Worlds, are a significant piece of the gaming market for kids. Now, The Home Depot is jumping in with a store inside Roblox that is hosting a virtual version of its popular Kids Workshop events.

BBDO worked with IF7 to bring the first official Home Depot store and Kids Workshops experiences to Redcliff City, a popular game on Roblox. The Virtual Kids Workshops are inspired by the company’s in-person Kids Workshops, which welcome some 400,000 kids across the U.S. every month to build projects with wood and paint.

To participate, players will enter Redcliff City and visit The Home Depot’s new storefront, where they are greeted by a virtual store associate wearing the iconic orange apron. Players can choose to build a birdhouse (easy), a mini flower garden (medium) or a small car (hard).

Players must then gather the materials from around the store and assemble the project in the Kids Workshops space. They can then their project with them and use it throughout the Redcliff City experience.


The Virtual Kids Workshops will run from March 1 through May 15, supported by in-store promotion at IRL Kids Workshops events. The campaign will also be promoted by The Royalty Family, a popular gaming influencer family.

“We are taking the Kids Workshops experience to a new level in the metaverse, inspiring more future doers by meeting them where they are,” said Molly Battin, chief marketing officer at The Home Depot. “Our Virtual Kids Workshops offer the familiarity of The Home Depot—a weekend trip that many young people already experience with their families—and combines it with the discovery, problem solving and fun that Roblox is known for.”


Mar 06, 2023
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The Home Depot
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