A man is desperately in love with his saw in this bizarre home improvement ad

Heimat's fall campaign for Hornbach charts the story of a true romance

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Oct 02, 2019

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The German home improvement retailer Hornbach always makes us laugh with its over-the-top depictions of how far people will go for DIY.

Its new fall spot, by longtime agency Heimat, is destined to become a classic. In some ways it's a traditional love story, with all the cliches and happy endings you might expect from a romantic comedy—the only difference is the protagonists. It concerns a home improvement enthusiast who is desperately in love with his saw.

In a series of hilarious scenarios, we see how he'll go to any lengths for the trusty saw—saving it from a savage dog, protecting it when his car nearly crashes, lovingly sewing a cover to keep it warm. And the unusual romance goes from strength to strength as we see him caressing it while he sits in the hot tub he built with it, slow dancing with it at a party and ultimately marrying it. The whole thing is set to the soundtrack of a French love song (“Je veux que tu m’embrasses,” by Pascale Borel.)

The TV ad was directed by Spanish director Pep Bosch of Trigger Happy Productions. The campaign also includes print ads featuring wedding portraits of people marrying their tools. 

“Every passionate DIY enthusiast uses lots of tools and equipment," says Hornbach marketer Thomas Schnaitmann. "But they have a special relationship with at least one of them. Together they have been through much and achieved great things. It is time to honor these tools and equipment as they deserve."