’s Chaplain Obvious is available to preside over your virtual wedding

The ordained captain will perform your nuptials in contest that also includes a free honeymoon

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May 11, 2020

Editor's Pick

With both the travel market and wedding season on pause, has found a way to combine the two in its latest campaign—getting brand mascot Captain Obvious to perform marriage ceremonies online.

The lodging platform is holding a sweepstakes for couples planning to marry in June. To enter, couples need fill out a form on its website, stating the reason they should be given the opportunity. If they are selected, they will have an online marriage ceremony performed by “Chaplain Obvious”—who is, apparently, ordained in addition to his many other "talents." (The captain has had "chaplain" on his resume for a few years now, having been ordained for a previous campaign in 2018.) The betrothed will also get $5000 to spend on their future honeymoon. The competition is open through this Sunday. 

PR and social agency ICF Next worked together with creative agency CP&B on the campaign. Earlier on in the pandemic, ran a TV ad featuring Captain Obvious social distancing but this proves there's a way to keep the character in play, even when messages about travel seem pointless.