This Eco-Friendly Sportswear Brand Turned Its Old Clothes Into Food

Swedish Retailer Houdini Conducted an Unusual 'Upcycling' Experiment

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May 01, 2017

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In a remarkable exercise in upcycling, Swedish outdoor sportswear brand Houdini set out to demonstrate just how environmentally-friendly its clothes are -- by turning them into food.

When Houdini customers have worn out their biodegradable gear they can return it to the brand's store for repair, or to be recycled into new clothing. For this campaign, however, the brand's agency McCann Stockholm put the clothes to a different use -- it composted them and turned them into soil and fertilizer for growing vegetables.

The agency tapped one of Scandinavia's top composting pros to break down the clothes properly. It took about six months for them to turn into CO2, H20 and other materials for fertilization. Houdini then used that soil to grow vegetables, which were then prepared by Swedish celebrity Chef Sebastian Thureson in a fine meal enjoyed by Houdini customers.

"Our vision is as simple today as it was when we first launched -- we want to maximize everyone's outdoor experience without having a negative environmental impact on our planet," said Houdini Sportswear CEO Eva Karlsson. "By growing vegetables from worn out garments, we want to showcase how beautiful it can be when we manage to close the loop. The Houdini Menu is so spot on in everything we believe in."

"This project was a unique one ... Houdini has certain honesty to them and the way they make their clothes," added Chef Thureson. "When I created the menu for the dinner I wanted to capture the fact that it is coming from clothes, but also give that honest feeling to every dish. In the end, that rhymes well with how I want to cook in my job."


May 01, 2017
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