Little Rebels Save Christmas in Duracell's

Anomaly Ad Continues Battery Brand's Tie-Up With Star Wars Franchise

Published On
Oct 19, 2016

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Duracell has launched a sequel ad in its partnership with Star Wars, with a 60-second ad tied to the Dec. 16 release of "Rogue One" and a tie-in to a charitable sponsorship of Children's Miracle Network.

The holiday ad from Anomaly for the battery brand shows a small detachment of child space rebels delivering a valuable R2 unit to the rebellion leader -- a young girl who has to spend Christmas in the hospital.

Previously, Duracell and Anomaly had released another holiday-themed ad depicting a boy and girl embarking on a wild, Star Wars-themed adventure on Christmas morning.

The new spot backs a program through which Duracell will donate $100,000 and a million batteries for toys at 147 of CHM's hospitals nationwide.

"Star Wars toys are going to be the most iconic and culturally relevant toys of the year, so we are thrilled to be partnering with them," said Duracell Marketing Director Ramon Velutini. After visiting CMN hospitals, he said, "We saw firsthand the importance of imaginative play and the positive impact it can have on children." The campaign will run throughout the holidays across TV and online, with a Children's Miracle Network voiceover.