HP's whimsical animated film shows how printing can bring home learning to life

Creative ideas for frustrated parents from Goodby Silverstein and Smith & Foulkes

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Jun 22, 2020

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As millions of parents grapple with home schooling due to the pandemic, some are bound to be running out of ideas on how to make it interesting by now.  So HP has stepped in with a cute animated film, via Goodby Silverstein & Partners, which suggests printing as a way to get more creative.

The spot, animated by Nexus Studios duo Smith & Foulkes, follows a little girl who gets frustrated as she struggles with her weather homework alone. But when her dad suggests that they print the assignment, suddenly, a whole new world of learning opens up before them as they float away on a "magic carpet" of printed matter.

The film, which aims to illustrate how “printing brings learning to life” by helping on-screen learning become less isolating and more engaging, will be accompanied by a new range of STEM printable worksheets from HP. The campaign is a feature of HP’s wider educational initiative “Print, Play, & Learn,” a collaboration with creators, companies and influencers to bring educational and engaging printable resources to kids of all ages.

“We believe that although screens have greatly aided our lives over the past months, research shows that the tangible aspect of print in conjunction with digital learning offers better results—making schooling more interactive and helping parents play a more active role in their child’s education,” said Matt Edwards, creative director at GS&P.

"While we're all dutifully locked away in our homes, we wanted to take people on a fun-filled adventure, an escape from the current everyday restrictions re-focused on the tools that can spark imagination," adds Alan Smith at Nexus Studios. "We hope this father-daughter journey of discovery resonates with the many families seeking inventive ways to inspire their little ones."





Jun 22, 2020
Client :
Agency :
Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Chief Marketing Officer of HP :
Vikrant Batra
Global Head of Marketing Print :
Deepak Masand
Head of Global Marketing, Print Hardware Systems :
Ladd Martin
Manager of the PHS Global Campaign Team :
Amy Rowan
PHS Global Campaign Manager :
Christine Dion
Global Print Program Manager :
Amy Witkop
Co-Chairmen :
Jeff Goodby
Co-Chairmen :
Rich Silverstein
Chief Creative Officer :
Margaret Johnson
Creative Director :
Wes Phelan
Creative Director :
Matt Edwards
Art Director :
Sian Coole
Copywriter :
Jo Cresswell
Managing Partner :
Leslie Barrett
Account Director :
Melissa Buck
Account Manager :
Haley Grialou
Assistant Account Manager :
Will Young
Partner Head of Brand Strategy :
Bonnie Wan
Group Brand Strategy Director :
Kelly Evans-Pfeifer
Group Communications Strategy Director :
Dong Kim
Strategy Director :
Cassidy Wilber
Senior Brand Strategist :
Marisa Perazzelli
Senior Communications Strategist :
Matt Hudgins
Brand Strategist :
Briana Patrick
Co-Director of Production :
Leila Gage
Co-Director of Production :
Margaret Brett-Kearns
Executive Producer :
Stephanie DeNatale
Director of Business Affairs :
Judy Ybarra
Business Affairs Coordinator :
Howie Mapson
Business Affairs Manager :
Kristian Evanculla
Production Company :
Nexus Studios
Director :
Smith & Foulkes
Producer :
Tracey Cooper
Production Manager :
Derek Walsh
CG Supervisor :
Dave Hunt
Animation Lead :
Steve White
3D Lead :
Carl Kenyon
2D Lead :
German Diaz
Concept Designer :
Ben Plouffe
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Melanie Climent
Designer :
Signe Cold
Matte Painter :
Melanie Climent
Animator :
Dom Griffiths
Animator :
Clement Fassler
3D Generalist :
Andrew Spence
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Joao Rema
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Fabien Glasse
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James Drummond
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Darren Rolmanis
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Matteo Antona
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Matt Clark
3D Modeler :
Andy Hickenbottom
Rigger :
Lea Georges
Storyboard :
Adam Beer
Texture Artist :
Eva De Prado
VFX Artist :
Tim Bacon
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Fabio Messina
Editor :
Dave Slade
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Ieuan Lewis
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Hannah McCarthy
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Compositor :
Osman Baloglu
Sound Design & Mix :
Factory Studios
Sound Design & Mix :
Anthony Moore
Audio Producer :
Deborah Whitfield
Music Production Company :
Composer :
Chris White
Music Producer :
Sean Craigie-Atherton
Music Publisher :
VO Casting :
Sound and Fury
Role of Lilly :
Mabel Cresswell
Charlie Coletta

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