HubSpot shows how frustrating B2B software can be in artful spots by Arts & Letters

‘And That’s Why We Use HubSpot’ juxtaposes the brand with other competitors in the category

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May 07, 2024

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A lot of times, B2B software, while meant to be a helper, is actually a complicated burden for getting things done. That frustration is dramatically captured in HubSpot’s new creative campaign, “And That’s Why We Use HubSpot,” from Arts & Letters.

Launching today (May 7), the hero film (above) has a playful, humorous, witty approach with fantastical vignettes that depict the feeling of growing a business with and without HubSpot. Juxtaposing scenes illustrate frustrated, overwhelmed and confused workers trying to develop a streamlined process without HubSpot, compared with peaceful, organized workers who work with HubSpot.

The film was directed by Rick Darge, along with consulting director Ian Pons Jewel from ProdCo. The HubSpot shoot took place in Tbilisi, Georgia. The campaign marks the second national campaign Arts & Letters has helped launch for the brand and positions HubSpot as the easy-to-use antidote to frustrations expressed by professionals everywhere—to help them grow their business without growing pains.

The creative leans on illusion and VFX and camera tricks—different for the B2B category—to demonstrate the intensity of the problems in the category. See some additional 15-second spots below.


“A desk actually cracked in half, we rigged elevator doors closing on someone’s head—gently—and that guy with steam coming out of his ears really had the ability to take his face to that frustration level within seconds,” Molly Jamison, executive creative director at Arts & Letters, told Ad Age. 

“Most software in our space tends to be expensive, difficult to implement and complicated—making it largely unused by the marketing, sales and service teams it was meant to help,” said Sunil Desai, VP of marketing at HubSpot. “We often hear from customers how much their teams love using HubSpot—and how easy it is to get things done, whether it’s generating new leads, managing deals or providing customer support. That's why it made perfect sense to bring that feeling of ease to life through this campaign, celebrating the confidence our customers experience when using HubSpot.”

The campaign will run in OTT and digital video, contextual audio, podcast ads, paid and organic social media and OOH across North America.

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May 07, 2024
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